Marg's readings can be done In person,

by Skype or by Phone.

Here are the various Card Reading Sessions and Intuitive Readings offered by Marg Mechlenburg.

Readings are tools for self-awareness, development, exploring your life path, and or purpose. 

**No reading is a substitute for medical, psychological, or psychiatric services.**

Empowerment Card Readings

$30 for a 30 Minute Session $60 for a 60 Minute Session

Readings using Barbara Evans Empowerment cards bring the essence of crystal energy and sacred geometry to the intuitive reading to support spiritual growth and well-being. 

Energetic Color Card Readings

$30 for 30 Minute Session $60 for a 60 Minute Session

Using Laura Alden Kamm’s Color Cards, the reading assists in determining the colors that will add vibrancy to your life, assist in clarifying current life issues, and heal life circumstances.

Angel Card Readings

$30 for a 30 Minute Session $60 for 60 Minute Session

Using Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards this reading taps into angelic guidance for life decisions or life circumstances.

Chakra Energy Readings

$60 for a 60 Minute Session

Energy Readings are an intuitive assessment of the energetic flow  of  the chakras and meridians as well as ability of the aura to maintain energetic boundaries.  Our energy system is a complex interplay between energy flowing in and energy flowing out.   This energy can take the form of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, events, or traumatic experiences.  (shocks to the system). This type  of reading is helpful to understand how your energy is flowing in present time, what has influenced your energetic system, and how to bring about balance or change.

Intuitive Mediumship

$30 for 30 Minute Session/$60 for a 60 Minute Session

Mediumship is a process of connecting with Spirit so as to open the doors to communication with beloved friends or family who have passed over.  The medium serves as a link between the sitter and those in Spirit so that they can talk with each other to give closure to "unfinished business", uplift, and provide guidance. 

Spirit Guide Readings

$30 for a 30 minute session/$60 for a 60 minute session

Spirit Guide readings  to help you identify your band of guides and to establish communication with them.

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