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Here, you can find the various Reiki Treatment Sessions offered by Marg Mechlenburg.

Reiki Guided Meditations and Visualization

$35 per session

Guided visualization is a powerful tool for accessing your Higher Consciousness to facilitate change.  Working with your intention, I will select a Reiki Meditation that meets your needs and teach you the process of relaxed visualization to solve problems, make decisions, or cope with change.

Reading and Reiki Healing Session

$90 per session

Reiki is an energy medicine practice that promotes relaxation and harmony in order to restore balance mentally, physically, emotionally and  spiritually.  A Reiki session includes a scan of your energetic system and a full body treatment.  This service is provided while you are lying on a table, fully clothed.  Relaxing music and aromatherapy are in included upon request, at no additional charge.

Chair Reiki Healing Sessions

$35 per 30 minute session

This service is available to those who are not able to lay on a table or to those who prefer a shorter treatment. 

Reiki Distance Healing

$35 per session

Reiki Distance Healing allows the practitioner to send Reiki healing to you or a loved one (with their consent) and can be scheduled for a specific time, place, or event.  This service can be provided at a distance and does not require a face to face session.  

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