From past and present clients & students 
Here are a few testimonials from clients and students about Marg's services.

Ledys Negron, Glenwood Y Holistic Coordinator

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Marg's workshops are organzied and easy to follow.  I particularly enjoy learning new Crystal Healing techniques to cope with emotional or physical discomfort. Her peacefulness adds to the whole experience.

Rev. Ann Bartlett, Certified Medium, Medical Intuitive, RMT

I have had the pleasure of knowing and receiving multiple intuitive readings from Marg for several years. Her compassionate, intelligent and clear intuitive insights have helped me tremendously through many life challenges. 


She is a joy to know and have in my life and I know from personal experience, Marg always has the highest and best good in her heart when serving other people with her intuitive gifts of healing and message work.


Juie L., Crystal Healing Class Participant, Reading Recipient

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I first began my crystal journey three years ago with an 8-week class Marg taught on the chakras.  Since then, I have taken several of her crystal workshops and I always learn something new.   She continues to inspire me to add to my knowledge of crystals and their healing properties.  Thank you Marg!

Paula Pontillo, RMT, IARP

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Marg is a talented, caring healer and intuitive.  She is constantly striving to find ways to expand her knowledge and abilities so she can give her clients the most rewarding and meaningful experience possible.  If you're looking for a sincere, caring healer, I would highly recommend Marg.

Becky S., Crystal Healing Class Participant

City, State

"It has been over 3 years since I first met Marge Mechlenburg, in this amount of time I have had Beautiful, and Powerful Experiences in Numerous Crystal Classes, Meditation, and recently a Reading from her.


 It has opened a new door to the Power of Crystals. I use them now for Healing, Meditation, Reiki, and other things.

She introduced me to  numerous crystals, and what I call my Master Crystal, which is with me in my Reiki Treatments, and Meditation.

She has given Visual Meditation and Meditation in her classes. All of which has helped tremendously with my own Meditation, and Healing.


Marge is a very highly intelligent, gifted person. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class from Marge or have a Reading, please do not hesitate. It will be of great knowledge, and importance for you."


Susie H. Reiki Student

"Marg has an easy-going, cheerful nature that always puts me at ease during classes. I have worked with her one-on-one, taking private lessons for Reiki, as well as attended workshops she has led in the community for energy and crystal healing. She is invested in her students and stresses the importance of community and working with others to broaden our spiritual horizons. I look forward to continuing on in Reiki 2 with Marg, and highly recommend her to anyone interested in continuing their education as well!!

Bo I., Reading Recipient, Crystal Class Participant

"I started a wonderful journey of listening and paying more attention to my inner voice as well as finding my soul's path these past few years.  My first experience with Marg was very special.  She has a gift of making one feel very relaxed; a lovely, peaceful, calming presence. I felt like I could talk to her about anything.  Through her intuitive gifts, she tunes into her guides and delivers messages in such an uplifting way.  Love the insight and clarity I received.  Marg is a blessing and I deeply appreciate her gifts!"

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