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Group Healing Experiences

Holy Fire Reiki © Healing Experiences provide healing, insight, and guidance for one’s life situations.  The Divine consciousness of the Holy Fire energy will evaluate what is needed  for each person  in the group and provide the energy and experience that is appropriate for them during the group guided meditation and healing.  Each person’s experience is unique.

The Holy Fire Reiki © Healing Experience is powerful and highly effective in removing negative energies from the physical body, aura, and chakras, working  to release the block’s chosen by the individual.  The effects of the Healing Experience often  take place over several days after the Experience and require that the individual be willing to let go of these blocks and be open to making changes in beliefs and attitudes about themselves and their life situation.

The Holy Fire Reiki © Healing Experience can also be used to empower goals, releasing unconscious, negative feelings about the goal (such as fear of failure or success) that are blocking achievement of the goal. 

These experiences can be facilitated  with work groups, families, couples, caregivers, organizations, or within the community such as sound healing, aromatherapy, or restorative yoga.  Group healing sessions are usually 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the intention and size of the group. 

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